Washington Mutual for Your Service Needs

Washington Mutual offers free online banking with many; available services needed to fit with your financials without worry of theft or fraud. The web site declares their highest technology use to provide a safe and secure online banking experience. Online banking with Washington Mutual offers accounts details daily, transferring of funds accounts approved by the customer and the bank, downloading abilities to save your information on your computer or disk. Paying bills online and scheduling payments for future payments, they provide up to eighteen months of online payment history. Order checks, stop payments and change information on your accounts or if you need to talk to a representative, it is secure and safe. Sign up and see the account as soon as you receive approval from the automated response system.

Types of Account Offered

Apply for a loan or credit card from Washington Mutual, home loans and home equity loans available. Retirement, investment accounts, savings, and checking accounts along with Certificated of Deposit offered to the online customer. These types of accounts provide all your banking needs under one roof. Washington Mutual offers investment and Insurance services as well. Terms and disclosures discuss the specific terms for every type of account you may see a need for with Washington Mutual. If you have a need for other assistance, the customer service they offer is secure through email or on the phone. More reasons they profess the best choice for your banking needs.

Paying Bills Online

With an online checking and savings account with Washington Mutual, you pay bills anywhere and to anyone. You can schedule payments for a reoccurring payment plan, pay many bills at one time from one location and the service is free to any account holder. With the bill payment service, you need to schedule the bills for four days in advance of the due date, more if you wish. You have the ability to cancel scheduled bill payments before the deadline. This service provides you protection from overdrafts and banking relations. The options for bill payment and other services make Washington Mutual outstanding in the banking industry.
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