Citibank offers many online services that provide fast and foremost safety. Bill payment services allow you to schedule payments and provides for permanent history of your accounts for future downloading to your personal computer. You can opt to receive email alerts and wireless alerts about your account. Choose to have a paperless bank statement since you can have and view it online. Savings accounts need no minimum balance depending on the type you choose. Citibank takes pride in their ability to provide safe and secure online banking for all of their customers.

Services Offers at Citibank Online
Checking accounts such as EZ checking offers no monthly fees with automated deposit or you pay two bills a month or average a balance of a certain amount. The basic checking account has a low fee and no balance requirements. There are four other checking services with different balance requirements. They offer e-savings and regular savings accounts, IRA and CD accounts and the best part is the overdraft protection. These services prove to benefit the customer and allow you many choices in the different types of accounts available with each service. The investment services allow you to plan your investments for short term or long term. The interest rates offered are comparable to other financial institutions.

Get the Application Process Done at Citibank Online
To apply for an online account with Citibank, you must be 18 years or older and a United States citizen or an alien resident. Have your social security number, driver’s license and an address. You will enter all your personal information required and then choose the type of accounts you desire. Read the term and conditions before sign any agreement, which is electronically accomplished. This is very important step when taking on an online account of any type. Make sure you sign up for the right checking or savings accounts with the right monthly balance requirement. Watch for the word combined balance and fine out exactly what this term means before selecting an account type. After the application process, you should receive confirmation of approvable or denial of your account setup.
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