Ferrari 308/328 Sports Fast Cars

Ferrari 308/328
308/328.  Photo by Perry Stern

This is perhaps the archetypal Ferrari, the shape that people immediately associate with the marque. Made famous through its role in "Magnum" television series the 308/328 cars are still today commonly referred to as the ‘Magnum’ cars. And it is a beautiful shape, sharing visual cues with the Dino before it. Its mechanicals came from the edgy, unloved 308 GT4 and early cars featured glassfibre bodies – to the horror of many Ferrari customers. They’re now the more sought after cars, as the metal bodies from 1977 are susceptible to rust. Power for the 308 came from a transversely mounted 3.0-litre V8, hence the 308 model designation - the 328 from 1985 featuring a 3.2-litre engine. Power varied from 255bhp in the early cars to 214bhp in later models - due to the introduction of K-Jetronic fuel injection in 1980 over the previous Weber carburettors. Ferrari solved this with a 32-valve head in 1982 boosting power back to 240bhp. Later 328s produced as much as 270bhp, the 308/328 series cars proving hugely successful over their 1975-1989 production run. In total Ferrari sold over 21,000 examples in both GTB Berlinetta coupe form and also GTS with its removable roof panel.
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