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Ferrari 250 GTO
250 GTO
The most revered letter and number combination in Ferrari’s history the 250 GTO was Enzo Ferrari’s retort to a change in sports car racing rules introducing a new Grand Turismo category. That’s the G and T of GTO taken care of, the ‘O’ representing omologata or homologated. This allowed Ferrari to take the GTO racing, where it dominated. Power for this legendary car came from a 3.0-litre V12 similar that of all the 250 series cars but featuring higher profile cams and larger valves, with it all fed by no less than six Weber carburettors. As impressive as its engine is it’s the 250 GTO’s beautiful lines that make it so legendary. The hand sculpted aluminium panels clothing its tubular structure might have been formed to cleave the air efficiently, but the shape they produce is sensational. Built in tiny numbers the GTO might have been a road racer, but it also fulfilled its Grand Turismo role perfectly. Effectively replaced by the mid-engined 250 LM in 1963 the 250 GTO remains the holy grail among Ferrari collectors. And they’re prepared to pay £millions for them.
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