Porsche 911 S (997) Sports Fast Cars

Porsche 911 S (997)
911 S (997)

It’s perhaps predictable putting the fastest current version of the 997 into this mix at the expense of other worthy Porsches like the 928 GTS, 993 RS or 964 3.8 RS, but it’s difficult to ignore the latest car’s huge all-round talent. In S guise the current Carrera offers 355bhp, which, amazingly, is around 100bhp more than the turbo 911s of the ‘70s. It’ll sprint to 62mph in 4.5 seconds and reaches a maximum of 182mph – which is 993 Turbo pace. However, it’s not its power or pace that impresses so much, but the way that it remains so easy to drive. That makes it an accomplished everyday driver or a circuit weapon, the brilliant feel, handling and body control all accompanied by the aural thrill of its wonderful 3.8-litre flat six. A fitting step in the 911’s evolution, rival manufacturers constantly try to better it, but none has, or is likely to.
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