Ferrari F40 Sports Fast Cars

Ferrari F40

Unveiled personally by Enzo Ferrari himself on 12 March 1987 the F40 was built to celebrate 40 years of Ferrari. With a quoted top speed of 199mph its twin turbocharged, twin intercooled, 2.8-litre V8 engine was a development of the 288 GTO’s. In the F40 it produced 478bhp, giving this road racer savage performance. 62mph was reached in just 4.6 seconds - it doubling that to 124mph in 11 seconds dead. Constructed using a mix of composite materials and steel alloy tubes the F40 weighed in at just 1254kg. Its raw, stripped interior helped keep the weight down - making no concessions to comfort.

Indeed, the F40 represented a polar opposite to the contemporary Porsche 959’s incredible technical sophistication and comfort, yet its fierce performance and aggressive styling saw it go on to become a tremendous sales success where the Porsche floundered. A total of 1311 were built between 1987 and 1992, making it one of Ferrari’s most successful specials in both sales and profitability.
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