Bikini Panties Models

Bikini panties are likely the most popular choice in underwear for women all over the world. They offer comfort, style, optimum coverage, and a chance to flaunt your personal style. Whether you like plain, floral, bright colors or earth tones, you can pretty much get away with any print or style you choose with bikinis.

Black Bikini Panties

Black Bikini Panties

New Styles in Bikini Panties

Over the past several years many new styles have become a part of the bikini family. The most popular right now is the extreme low-rise bikini. This is likely due to the fact that extreme low-rise pants are all the rage for more than five years now. Many women who find it hard to wear these types of pants and jeans will often turn away from thongs or other types of panties. Especially, when they find that they can enjoy better comfort and can avoid being self-conscious with a proper fitting pair of bikinis.

Common Panty Problems

Many women turn to thongs or other cuts of panties because they find that bikini panties have a tendency to bunch up and cause discomfort. Many times, sexy bikinis present this kind of problem, when made of thinner, smoother fabrics. As such, they move around too easily against the skin. Satin panties and bikinis made of sateen, silk or rayon, cause bunching issues much more frequently than cotton or cotton-blends. Boy shorts are a great cut that minimize bunching and unsightly lines.

The Bikini for You

Bikinis panties that fit.

Bikinis panties that fit.

Different cuts of bikinis work better with different body styles. If you have a lean, thin frame, then a full bikini with a full waist will work best to keep you covered and comfortable. For a more voluptuous shape, a string bikini may work better for you to keep from having the visible panty line that could result in wearing a full bikini.

With any body type, remember that wearing a bikini that is too small will cause indentations in the skin, making pants, skirts and dresses fit awkwardly around the problem areas. Conversely, a bikini that is too large can potentially lump up wherever there is an overabundance of fabric. This will cause clothing over the panties to bulge and will also cause discomfort as well.

Choosing Bikini Panties

Try to choose bikinis that will be easy against your skin and that will work best for the type of clothing you wear most often. If you live in suits and other confining clothing, constrictive, tight or satin panties are probably not the best choice.

Try to mix it up with a variety of fabrics and blends as well as a few different styles that all accommodate the tight garments you wear. If you wear clothing that is typically looser, you have the option to make more liberal choices. In either situation, always be sure you choose materials that will not irritate your skin from rubbing against the fabrics of other clothing or pantyhose you are wearing over them.

The Best Brands

Nearly all lingerie designers provide bikini panties in a wide variety of materials and styles. Some of the most trusted brands are:

  • Hanes: Long-lasting and durable
  • Fruit of the Loom: Excellent cuts to choose from
  • Merona: Wide variety of prints and colors in ultra-soft combed cotton
  • Victoria’s Secret: Many sizes and styles in a wide array of fabrics
  • No Boundaries: Private label panties that are affordable, trendy and offer superior comfort

Sizing Your Bikini Panties

When choosing the correct size for you, avoid using another brand's size for selection, or the size you “always” buy. Most panty designers provide a sizing chart, particular to their product, on the back of the package or on the price tag. If there is no sizing chart, always check with a salesperson or simply find the company’s sizing chart on the Internet first, before purchasing.

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