Safer Banking Tips on Credit Cards

Safer Banking Tips on Credit Cards

There are a number of things you should remember regarding security for Credit Cards:

* Never share, write down or disclose your PIN number, access codes or passwords to anyone, or store them or your Credit Card number in a file on your computer. Do not provide your credit card number or expiry date if they are not specifically required for a transaction.

* Always sign your new Credit Card as soon as you receive it.

* Destroy and dispose of old documents that display your credit card number such as airline tickets or receipts.

* Never email credit card or bank account details.

* Don't choose a PIN that is easily associated with you e.g. your birth date, phone number, or parts of your card number.

* Use different PIN numbers for each different card.

* Dispose of expired cards by cutting them in half.

* Make sure you get your card back after each time you use it.

* Never let anyone else use your card.

* Do not use any ATM or EFTPOS terminal that looks like it has been tampered with as it may have been altered for the purpose of skimming your card details.

* When using an ATM be wary of anyone attempting to observe you entering your PIN, where possible use your hands to block the view of those nearby.

* Be wary of anyone offering assistance, especially if your card has just been retained by the ATM, as they may be attempting to obtain your card or card details. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by anyone talking to you.

* If your card has been retained by an ATM go immediately to the nearest bank branch or call us on 0800 803 804. If overseas either ring the ASB Contact Centre on 64 9 306 3000 or go to any Visa/MasterCard member bank branch to arrange cancellation.

* You will automatically be sent a new credit card shortly before the expiry date of your current ASB Credit Card. If you have not received your reissue card before the current one expires please contact ASB.

* If you lose your ASB Credit Card please contact ASB immediately.

When shopping online

· Always use a secure browser connection when entering credit card details online. Check that a locked padlock or unbroken key symbol is shown in the bottom right of your browser window and that site has a URL that starts with "https".

· Never use your Credit Card number as a form of identification - only enter your Credit Card details when you are ready to make a purchase.

· If you make an online purchase, print out a copy of the transaction for your records. This will make it easier to check against your credit card statement.

· Check that the online merchant or store has a return and refunds policy.

· When using your card to purchase online, look for reputable Internet stores. If you are unsure, request more information from them about the company and the goods and services they are selling.


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