Internet Banking tips

Internet Banking tips

1. Consider online savings accounts

Consider alternative options such as online savings accounts. These new account offerings offer higher interest rates than traditional branch-based accounts and lower fees. Their returns can also be as good or better than fixed interest investments like term dposits and debentures.

2. Online transactions are cheaper

Pay bills, check balances and transfer money between accounts using online banking. These transactions are significantly cheaper over the internet than over the counter - and far more convenient.

3. Online transactions are convenient

Online banking allows you to do your banking whenever you want, not when the bank wants to open for business. Internet banking websites offer 24-hour, 7 days a week access to pay bills, check balances and transfer money between accounts, even apply for a new account. Best of all there are no queues.

4. Twelve tips to ensure internet security

Online banking fraud is on the rise and there are a number of ways you can protect your credit card and bank accounts if you transact over the internet:

* keep your computer secure and the access to it;

* don't send credit card or account details by e-mail;

* reject any email that asks you to follow a link to website and input account details for verification - even if the website looks authentic, its probably a fake replica

* make sure you log out of your online account when finished - especially at work, libraries and net cafes

* deal only with established and reputable merchants;

* only make payments to secure websites - look for the padlock symbol in the bottom-right of your browser and click for details

* if using a new site, do business first in a small way;

* check your accounts and report discrepancies immediately;

* ignore the "remember my password option" on banking and shopping sites

* change your password regularly;

* cancel any card that has been used fraudulently;

* read a company's privacy policy before buying online

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